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The World Zionist Congress (WZC), the international “parliament of the Jewish people,” comes together every 5 years to make decisions about how to better connect our people and engage with the State of Israel. Founded by Theodor Herzl in 1897, this Congress selects the leadership of the World Zionist Organization, the Jewish National Fund, and the Jewish Agency. Through these national Jewish institutions, the WZC allocates over $1 billion per year to support Israel and Jews around the world.

As we strive to build vibrant communities across the U.S., engage with Israel, and overcome challenges like antisemitism, it is critical that we raise our voices to lead change and innovate within our institutions to meet the evolving needs of our people. That is why Kol Yisrael is asking for your vote in the 2020 World Zionist Congress Elections.

The Kol Yisrael Slate is proudly led by:

 and includes leaders affiliated with organizations including:


The Kol Yisrael slate is led by StandWithUs and The Israeli American Council (IAC). The slate also includes leaders from many
dynamic Zionist organizations like AEPi, The Museum of the Jewish People at Beit Hatfutsot, Conference of Young Jewish Presidents,  Strength to Strength, and Migdal Ohr, along with independent activists who do amazing work for Israel and the Jewish people every single day.

Esther Renzer
Naty Saidoff
Sarri Singer
Max Samarov
Roz Rothstein
Jay Feldman
Dina Leader
Alan (Eli) Levine
Shulamit (Shula) Bahat
Ran Fuchs
Zoya Raynes
Rena Nasar
Aya Schechter
Jake Bennett
Jodi Samuels
Miri Kornfeld
Jenn Falk
Josh Yablon
Elisha Rothman
Netanella Refael
Doron Armony
Scott Richman
Ron Deutsch
Solomon Birnbaum
Sivan Hadari
Avi Posnick
Yoni Frenkel

Maxine Wiesenfeld
Gary Ratner
Lara Krinsky
Mark Weissman
Adela Cojab
Atara Solow
Hillary Barr Markowitz
Robyn Polansky
Mikayala Harf
Michelle Napel
Andrew Davidsburg
Adrienne Price
Sarah Tagger
Dahlia Bellows
Rachel Heisler
Elana Frank
Avi Gordon
Ron Krudo
Grant Silverstein
Candice Ackerman
Assaf Grumberg
Bizu Riki Mullu
Leora Kaufman
Elie Katz
Liora Bachrach
Eli Weiss
Mina Rush

Joseph Scutts
Yael Lerman
Peggy Shapiro
Robyn Fener
Sam Bodenheimer
Jason Geller
Pery Krinsky
Kathryn Schwartz
Matt Ronen
Lauren Post
Shayna Elliot
Jonathan Bell
Shira Sky
Michael Benzakein
Rebekah Sacher
Yael Steinberg
Justin Feldman
Talia Lerner
Kate Chavez
Matt Levine
Adam Blue
Fanya Donin
Nathan Altshuler
Eliza Kanner
Molly Rosen
Hannah Kessler